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This web site is designed to act as a resource for musicians who work in the Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Traditional & World Music genre's as well as anyone who needs to contact, listen or dance to this wonderfully art-form.

Music that has stood the Test of Time

What is this all about?

All the types of music listed above tend to be grouped under the heading of 'folk' music and then ignored by the media, academia and exponents of 'serious' music.

But Why?

This music is the well-spring of all other types of music. Composers, song writers and lyricists are constantly dipping into the music that comes from the people, often simply rehashing what they've found and calling it their own, sometimes using the forms and melodies as an inspiration for their own creativity.

From Bartok to the Beatles, from Country Music to Jazz to Garage, the music of the folk is in there somewhere.

Is there more?

Of course there is! There's a whole new world of music out there if you care to look. Browse the bands, sample the samples, research the resources.

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